Angie Martell

Angie Martell Holistic LawyerAngie Martell is an experienced attorney and mediator with over 23 years of legal experience.  Angie is the founder and managing partner of Iglesia Martell Law Firm, PLLC.  She is a results driven and creative problem solver with a proven record who excels at strategy and exploring innovative solutions to every day problems. Angie graduated with a Masters of Law from Harvard Law School, a Juris Doctorate degree from the City University of New York Law School, a Masters in Media from the New School for Social Research, and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Literature from New York University.  She is fluent in Spanish, American Sign Language, and Portuguese.

She an eternal optimist who believes that as lawyers change how they practice law so must the law change and if the law changes transforming it transforms the world.  She believes that “if the hammer is the only tool in your box then every problem begins to look like a nail.”  Angie started her legal career as a civil rights lawyer and has worked extensively in the areas of in-house general counsel matters, civil rights, family law, LGBT issues, employee rights, criminal defense, mediation, and arbitration. She has litigated in State Courts, Criminal Courts, District Courts, Circuit Courts, Federal Courts, and Administrative Tribunals.

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